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I would love to hear what you think about my art.
— Dr. Strangelove

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Nathan Thomson
Nathan Thomson
2 years ago

Hey michael. My name is nathan. You left a post card in my window a few months ago (my wife, carolyn, and I purchased the Treehouse Restaurant). I am including the image of your postcard on our menus, and am hoping that would be fine with you. Please let me know if it’s not…pleaee see call/text me at 250-551-8834, or email us at I look forward to hearing from you.


Luba Khalil
Luba Khalil
10 months ago

Some favourites of mine include Gotham City #2, Squid Girl #1, Thomsons Tree, and Fraser’s Lake. I also really like the Two Women art box but I wish the concept was visible without opening the box, it’s a shame such a good idea is hidden inside! But maybe that’s the beauty of it…

Ramesh Bhushan Sahajpal
Ramesh Bhushan Sahajpal
7 months ago

I landed at this site in a circuitous way. I was searching for some literature on Cord Cutting. Inter-alia I came across a small review in a cine journal site of your book of 2015.I have already requested for the same via-research gate site. I am not a researcher. I find your present site very amusing. I visited Ottawa long long back-about 40 years back. Ottawa scenes tickled my faded memories. I am 81+ now. I got your web site perhaps through Wikipedia. Your art is an eye opener regarding natural beauty of Canada. With blessings!
P.S-I guess you must have been very popular teacher.

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